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August 29, 2013


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No I am not making equivalent the two terms empirical knowledge and true science. One is grounded on the senses the other is transempirical which nevertheless includes the empirical.

I've read this:

"...for the Buddhist empirical knowledge is not privileged nor is third-person research (objective research). True science is first-person—not “I” but âtman (“I” and âtman are quite different). The Buddhist first-person is not the same as the West’s notion of the subject or subjectivity."

several times & still find it unclear. Are you making equivalent the two terms "empirical knowledge" and "true science?" Since empirical knowledge is always obtained thru the senses, by the "I" (in the Western sense)then Buddhist "true science" must be obtained by the "atman" and all phenomena can be seen accurately within the larger view of the matrix of consciousness?

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