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August 22, 2013


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Methexis: Evola wasn't a fascist but rather believed in the traditional order of hierarchical monarchical states as existed in almost every civilization prior to the French Revolution. He wrote plenty of material criticizing fascism. I don't agree with Evola on every single stance he has, but I don't have a problem with his political positions and indeed agree with a good many of them.

The Traditionalist school's view on the transcendent convergence of spiritual traditions is quite different from the view of Theosophy and the New Age, both of which the Traditionalists had disdain for (or at least the former among the older generations of Traditionalist thinkers since what we know as the New Age hadn't really begun.) To understand the difference in their position I suggest reading the works of the authors mentioned.

In any case, I'd disagree that Buddhism is uniquely superior to every other spiritual tradition, though it certainly is among the ones I respect most if not the one I respect the most. I would also disagree with the idea that other sages of the world, especially for example various Hindu sages, didn't grasp the same Truth as various Buddhist sages. Though since you are a Buddhist it is a natural sentiment to hold your tradition as the ultimate, so I can respect that.

Urgern Sternberg: Evola was an fascist and a racist - you have no problem with that aspect of his writings?

And to throw all sages in one basket is a mistake ... as if they were all the same ... that's New Age Theosophic bologna.

Buddha is unique and the non-Buddhist paths, even though they are noble, wise, many times profound, are all provisional paths and only the Buddha-Dharma is final and ultimate.

Thanks Zennist. Looking forward to your blog posts every day.

How would a secular buddhist poem go?

Don't do anything
You're already perfect
Thanks for the $20

What I meant by an original genius is that the Buddha was self-taught (Ariyapariyesana Sutta). He found the way without a teacher (he said whom should I declare as my teacher?). He said he had no master.

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