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August 27, 2013


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Zennist: I've only been following for a few months. And that's a fair enough explanation.

Bodhiratna: Most of who? Who are you talking to? There is some merit in following a conversation you you would put yourself into.

You Westerners come here and think you are entitled answers? Well, let me tell you dude(s), the author of this blog doesn't owe you anything.

He only does this out of compassion for a few with little dust in their eyes. And he could care less if the rest of the world go to hell:)

Further, most of you are Stephen Bachelor or Dogen worshipers anyway. Go to them and seek answers instead.

I hope this blog doesn't turn into psychiatrist ward for the mentally disturbed Westerners. LOL



Jumping on The Zennist like you did was uncalled for. I think you should apologize.

"some of you still have the three poisons of Hatred, Anger and Delusion..."

Look in the mirror, Koji, you're getting all worked up about nothing whatever.


If you've followed this blog I have discussed the two kinds of right view (ariyan and non-ariyan) and wrong view. Given this, a dialectic naturally unfolds itself. Inadequate understandings of what the Buddha taught have to be superseded. This means there are going to be disputes. Letting go of one's opinions can be difficult for some people. But we can't baby them, that is harmful in the karmic long run.

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