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July 01, 2013


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I guess I have trouble visualizing some soul apart from mind-consciousness. I figure--thinking in that nasty scientific way--that I didn't worry a helluva lot before I was born and I will not be around, so will not be worrying after my brain dissolves into goo. And yet...we westerners think of ourselves, on some level, as having a "soul" apart from the material body, that survives after death. Now, possibly this soul does survive--but if my personality cannot identify with it, and if I can't remember anything about my previous existence...what good is it?

When you talk to Christians about the afterlife, you get the impression that it's just like we have now, only lots better: no darkness, nice food, everybody happy. Whoopee. What a bore. No ups and downs. And of course you have those relatives & friends around you. FOREVER. Oh boy.

Or, because you didn't believe enough and love enough--off to eternal hell you go.

In Buddhism, at least there's that constant changing around from realm to realm. But of course, those of us who aren't altruistic can get ready to be tortured by demons for years & years.

As far as minx's note goes: that sort of idealism is all well & good. Yes, the world is an illusion until you hit your finger with a hammer.

My master told me;

"This space, this universe, is to all born beings, far more stranger and far more alive than you can ever imagine. Though apparently bustling with a myriad life forms, it is not your true self, or, in any way, part of your true nature.

All these forms, seemingly coming into and going out of existence, are all but pure illusion; temporary raindrops of formed consciousness floating on the perfectly pure surface of the great Mind of all Buddhas, bodhisattvas and ordinary sentients; With a mere singular gaze into pure uncreated thusness of such a Mind, a Buddha awakens and a sentient dies, as the dream of delusion is no more."

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