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June 02, 2013


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Nice quote but if you had backed a bit and read more carefully, you would have noticed Foyan also wrote;

"Those who claim to be Zennists must trust in what people who know say before they will attain it. If you do not believe, you make all talk useless. If you just listen without believing to the talks of people who know, how can you be called Zennists?

Real zennists understand it all when the grass bends in the breeze, when dust rises in the wind; they discern immediately before any signals have occured, before falling into trains of thought, before anything stirs. Only then can be called a Zennist."

A more fitting quote, don´t you think?

"Nowadays most Zen students create interpretation based on words, arbitrarily assuming mastery, or else they take stories of the ancients' awakenings and look at them, calling this 'gazing at sayings.' What relevance is there?
You should simply step back and study through total experience. How do you step back? I am not telling you to sit on a bench with your eyes closed, rigidly suppressing body and mind, like earth and wood. That will never have any usefulness, even in a million years.

When you want to step beck, if there are any sayings or stories you don't understand, place them in front of you, step beck and see for yourself why you don't understand.

Professional monks say, 'Thinking will not do; not thinking will not do either.' Then how do they teach people to contemplate? I tell you, just step back and look.

Phew! Sure gives people trouble! Sure is hard to understand! But look here- what is it that troubles people? Who is it that troubles anyone? Step back and look in this way; gradually you will wake up, with each passing day illumination will expand and enlarge."

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