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June 04, 2013


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Batchelor and his gang appear to have hijacked the term from various early sources, along with agnosticism. If you go to YouTube and plug in "secular Buddhism" it's pretty much Batchelor's dog and pony show.

In this recent blog I have found these same Buddhist to be serious debunkers who go after rebirth, especially, and flatly ignore nirvana. This is not skepticism or agnosticism (=classical skepticism was repackaged by Huxley).

Why do the Batchelor-Buddhists use "secular" to mean "atheist"?

From Wikipedia:

"Secularism is the principle of separation of government institutions, and the persons mandated to represent the State, from religious institutions and religious dignitaries."

In that case, I'm a Secular Buddhist, too.

I don't want to live in a religious state, Buddhist, Catholic or else.

I don't idealize Buddhist countries because they're worse than what we have here in Europe.

I just read how in Bhutan they have to spread condoms because the monks keep fucking each other:


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