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June 13, 2013


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"I've noticed that recently a lot of young people are really keen on practicing Buddhism or cultivating the Tao. It makes me worry. I always say to them: You are so young. Why do you want to practice this? I don't want to upset anyone by asking this, but there are two reasons why I do ask. The first is that most worldly pursuits can be accomplished with a little effort, while studying Buddhism, on the other hand, is by far the most difficult thing one could pursue. The second reason is that, "if one's life drawing of a tiger is unsuccessful, one can always change the subject to a dog." If your Buddhist pursuits are unsuccessful, what will you then turn to? What I hope that you young people will do is first learn to be good people and take care of worldly affairs; then study Buddhism. However, if you insist on going down this path, then you must very seriously beware of dwelling in form. If you dwell in form, you will not succeed at any practice."

Nan Huai-Chin

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