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June 30, 2013


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LOL, Zenmar! Yes, give a big grin & talk like that little imp Tolle! You got it right there.

In The Sutra of 42 Chapters, the Buddha says (Ch.12) "It is difficult for the rich and eminent to practice the Way." I tend to think that Zen might help over privileged and overloaded celebrities to simplify their lives and focus a bit more on the important things in life. Gere's interest in Bishop Berkeley indicates a natural attraction to Idealism, so, not so far off from Zen (if you can get used to that "infinite regress" that replaces an unmoved mover.)

I neglected to add that although Gere has become the quintessential poster-boy for the Gelugpa, he still maintains an interest in Zen and Dzogchen...

Don't forget Richard Gere in your list of celebrities; interesting though what he said about his first encounter with Buddhism:

"I have two flashes. One, when I actually encountered the written dharma, and two, when I met a teacher. But before that, I was engaged in philosophical pursuit in school. So I came to it through Western philosophers, basically Bishop Berkeley."

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