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May 23, 2013


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The essence or nature of our mortal, skandha body is the Buddha nature. Unless we see this nature in our present mortal condition, we can never be Buddhas. In truth we don't actually possess this nature which is eternal, blissful, personal and pure, it only potentially exists. We still have to 'see' this nature, i.e., the Buddha-nature like making butter from milk.

"But if you can find your buddha-nature apart from your mortal nature, where is it? Our mortal nature is our Buddha nature. Beyond this nature there’s no Buddha. The Buddha is our nature." (Bodhidharma)

I remember reading that the modern teacher Adyashanti had a premonition of his first kensho that took form as the thought that he would "die at the age of 25." He relates that he wasn't particularly disturbed by it (as many would have been.) So from the age of 19 to 25 he galloped after "enlightenment" without knowing exactly what he was seeking--conceptualizing it as "controlling the mind" or some such nonsense he realized later that he had never got from the Zen teacher he was working with. But at 25, the payoff came: after practically killing himself, in the physical sense, or driving himself mad, he realized immortality, joy, and freedom from fear & frantic seeking. This is the result of our Buddhist practice, not obliteration or nihilism.

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