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May 06, 2013


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Okay...I guess "Solon" isn't dealing with mud any more. Got it.

However, my instinct about Tolle is that he may be just the teacher for those who relate to his simplified message. There's a certain dualism there; almost a personification of Mind that you see in his writings. And--I must admit--his association with Oprah, his long pauses and the little mousy titter turned me off. Finally I opened my mind enough to listen to a short work on CD _Living the Liberated Life: Dealing with the Pain Body_, and at that point I connected with some of his basic useful teaching.

These two points hit me between the eyes: First, the idea that we avoid encountering the Now because at some level we hold the subtle, and sometimes unconscious belief that if we "accept" an unsatisfactory or miserable present life, it will never change. He points out that (on the contrary) encountering the present moment without judgment permits it to change. Also, that enlightenment is not something to be achieved "in the future" but always occurs in the present. How many times in the past two years has my Zen teacher tried to get those two truths across??!

Perhaps the edited CDs from the local library are the way to go for me to appreciate this particular teacher.

Incidentally, Tolle doesn't live in luxury, nor does Adyashanti. If a teacher becomes popular enough to sell books without really trying...well something is happening there. To my way of thinking there has to be three factors in operation: First, some level of attainment, second, an ability to communicate that attainment with a degree of clarity*, and third, the willingness to teach.

One of the attachments I myself am working on is being attracted or repelled by a speaker's style or personality, or by their degree of popularity. What should concern me is whether that teacher has a lesson for me, that resonates truth...then I can take that and go on from there.

*Many who have kensho fall short in the clarity dept.


Yeah, it's been slow (I am going for the dregs). My favorite coffee shop/temple is closed Sat. & Sun. Hopefully they will find a new place (they've recently become a pop-up).

Man, you must have a slow day today. Tolle!!? Eckhard Tolle looks at the tip of the iceberg, not under the water. Why should he ?

This E.T (sarc) doesnt want to phone home. He wants to stay here, making millions, selling his "live in the (temporal) now" crap. Performed of course , with his well trained slow-and- low voice, at special Tolle performance acts all over the worlds largest stages.

That, to anyone stressed out by the temporal laws of samsara. Basically he offers people mud to clean out the mud of their own ignorance spilled all over the floor of the five skandhas, and he is not alone in this game of thrones. Like any adharma-demon, he leaches on souls desperate enough to swallow any offered bowl of cheap pig-swills, as long as they smell and taste enough new-agey with the gold shining promise of a better tomorrow...heh.

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