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May 29, 2013


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( Sekkei Harada Roshi )

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"One big mistake made by many people concerning zazen is thinking that it is limited to the form of sitting. Actually, all functions of the body, speech, and thought, must be zazen.


On saying, then, that all functions of the body, speech, and thought are zazen, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking 'Why is it necessary to do zazen or seek something by means of Zen?' The problem here with thinking 'all activities are zazen' is that we know it by means of learning.

It is merely intellectual understanding. Since the reality 'now' is divided in two - subject and object - the thought arises that there is no need to do zazen. We must be careful about this.

In the beginning, Zen Master Dogen had a question, which can be expressed in the following way: 'The teaching of the Buddha is that this body itself is Buddha. Essentially, a huma nbeing is Buddha, the Dharma, and Zen. Why, then, is it necessary to practice?' As there were no teachers in Japan who could resolve this question for him, he went to seek the answer in China. After a long period and many hardships, he finally met Zen Master Jyojo, and then 'cast off body and mind.' At that time he said:

The eyes lie horizontal,
The nose stands vertical.
I will not be deceived by others.
The Buddhadharma does not exist in the least."

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