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March 27, 2013


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It is very common in buddhism that sentients choose THAT  which confirms what they want to see, and not THAT which buddhism has to offer  eg.  The imageless  truth body of the Unborn Mind.
 One could pose the question what such an imageless truth body would be good for?
Well once the adept is awakened to its pure spiritual nature, which is pure light the reckognition of its truth is impossible to deny. Some of the first qualtites that are realized about it, is its deathless dynamic nature which is a Light not of this world or any other for that matter and and its infinite  dynamics.

Hence the meaning of the word Bodhi-sattva (awakened light-being).
Another realization among many about its myriad qualities or properties,  is that it is impervious to  suffering  or any future involuntary rebirth in a corporeal body consciousness  subject to the laws of samsara.

When bodhidharmas body sat in that cave for nine years, this body and all its qualities was what the enlightened Spirit of 'bodhidharma' was studying.

The same could be said about Tilopa whom meditated over this body chained to the ground for twelve years.

It was they had discovered a super program, studying every line of code as to know its full potential.

It is like a kid receiving a long desired birthday present from its father then rushing to its room, opening the wrappings to study and enjoy every angel of the toy and of course experiment with its applications (dynamics). Of course that kid will not leave its room for while (grins).
Likewise the awakened adept experiencing this truth body, rejoices thus, because compared to this body the karmicallycomposite body of flesh, blood and bones, with its grey lump of matter on top of this stinking heap sereves only as a discerning consciousness for what once dwelled in ignorance of its true nature. This old heap of karma is instantly seen as nothing more but something inferior, subject to ageing, pain and other karmic misfortunes.
Where the karmic body (rented property from Mara)  is subject to a hailstorm of  karmic conditions, the truth body is free from such impediments.
Where the karmic body is bound to wither and die, the truth body is permanently itself and 'no-thing' else. Where the karmic body offers nothing but tiny moments of respite or joy, the truth body is the seat of nirvana.
Reading this one could pose this question;
If this is true, and buddhism according to all Buddhas  and all the great Mind Masters offered this, how then do I arrive to that strategic end-point of my practise ?
With this question firmly set in ones being,  one sets off and starts looking  for clues relevant to the question, whether in proper dhyana or sutra reading or even in daily ordinary life.
Thus one applies only what is valid to Mind Only and not that which is merely a temporally 'rented' body with an attached composed consciousness of  transitory impressions,  desires and ideations.
In this way, one day will arrive where the first rays of the Buddha sun brakes through the vast clouds of vasana-energy.  A day of sudden awakening which is called right view of the truth body, or Kensho.
This will of course reinforce ones resolve in reaching the strategic end-point, which is to fully actualize and possessthe truth body that is able  to escape the realms  of samsara ,  at a moments notice.
More about this can be read in The Lankavatara sutra (about its nature and qualities) and in the last chapters of the Avatamsaka Sutra (what marvellous  things you can do with it). You just need the right set of "spiritual eyes" to decode these scriptures THAT which is hidden to most ordinary worldlings (Prithagjana).

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