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March 25, 2013


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Ben O'Hare:

Thanks for the URL, Ben! I can see that Denis Wallez is giving his best shot trying to defend the prithagjana way of life, together with its science which totally rests on fictional symbols.

You might want to read a conversation being had on G+ about this article. You can find it here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/108446918980546360671/posts/iDycxxmwgYK

The problem for the puthujhanas (or prithagjanas) , as I see it, instantly and continuously arises and cessates in their generatedconsciousness field that distorts the suchness essence  of Pure Mind or Unborn Mind.
It is the subconscious workings of strong vasanas that refuses the sentient the clarity of vidya and offers only thedistorted view of avidya, which basically is the continuous notion of something "external" in relation to something "internal" (the erroneously perceived self of the skandhas).
The old chan-masters tried many skillful ways to break this spell, of something internal reacting differentially to something external. Nagarjuna had his ways of explaining it but went a bit too far with his Madhyamika philosophy, the soto zennists tried to find a balance between the external and internal,  by inducing an artificial silence through wall "staring" and shinkazen (mere sitting), which iwas and still is  a big mistake,  because both positions are artificial and thus purely illusor. What is illusory has no actual impact on the real own-being (svabhava) or it would be real in itself.
The rinzai on the other hand, and those most closely to Lin Chi:s tradition or Hakuins rinzai school, applied instant and sometimes rather brutal means, as to cut through this illusory fabric of beginningless composed karma seen as something internal interdependent on something external.

Thus logics, as offered by intellectual sages like Nagarjuna did not apply. Instead they offered the Minds awesome power of supra-positional logics, eg. super logics that once entered through right view (kensho),  revealed a  true self beyond any composed and consequently corrupt  position of internal or external phenomena. Hence the Mind Only school that is  neither within  the adept,  nor "outside" for that matter.
This radiant  Mind of superlogics (Prajna), once awakened to self as absolute,  is referred to as Bodhicittopada. Without the generation of this Bodhi,  there is no right knowledge of the Buddhadharma and much less the things seen as a "sutra" offering the wisdom of the Buddhas and Mahabodhisattvas.
What remains in such case,  is mere inferior streams of ordinary logics, mental bubbles of conceptual positionings that cannot save the adept from the pains and sufferings of samsara and  always based on temporal-spatial propositions and positions.

The Buddha warned about the latter in the suranghama sutra but then sentients with their heads stuck up their ass,  always fail to see the true light and accepts the stench of the dark cave within to be heaven and hell depedant on conditions .

If the prithagjanas had time to once concieve and gestate the seed of enlightenment by resting in The unborn omnipresent Mind, this seed (gotra) would as it grew in power dissolve a sufficient part of their impulsions and delusions until it broke through the wall of skandhas and experienced itself as a pure light-being (Bodhi-sattva) ready to partake in the dharma of countless Buddhas, each with its own distinct way of offering the true imageless dharma in a medium of perfect imagelessness where the bodhi-sattva effortessly can arise blissful super-concentration (maha-samadhi)

But the prithagjana are far to conceited , proud, spiritually lazy and calculating to rest in the unborn essence of Mind Only, and thus the amazing opportunity to allow this nirvanic Mind make all conceptions of yourself and the universe melt away is not actulized hence the painful mist of dukkha blocking the clear sight of the other shore right before their eyes..

Ummfh…(turns green). Azanshi go away smash something now. Show dharma to ant-people…hah… ( jumps away and vanishes in the sky).

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