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February 27, 2013


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'The real zen,' doesn't exist--nor the real Buddhism. I can say that a real Zennist would not have even commented on this post. Where does the debate about reality start; and when does it finish? After millennia, the debate continues...People don't usually debate 'real' gravity versus fake gravity, or real thermodynamics versus fake; we don't debate real electricity versus fake etc. I don't know anything about a pure mind, or which is the 'real' method of zen etc. However, I do know what it's like to think that MY WAY is the right way, only to intuit years later that MY 'real' WAY was at best laughable--tone it down a bit bud...Zen could be found in a statement as simple as "fu*k it!" I find it useless to debate ideas that are millennia old--deciding which is the real or the true form. Even an half hour after I've posted this, I will wonder why I even bothered, except that maybe someone might find useful what I've deemed useless. See it, read it, and hear it--then the next, and the next and the next, until its forgotten...

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