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January 17, 2013


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I see. Thanks for the explanation.

Jure K.:

My use of the "real dude" refers to Buddha-nature/Self which is not an aggregate. This is at the heart of the real anattâ doctrine, not the one Theravadins and Westerners imagine to be who are lost in ignorance. Anattâ is a via negative term. I am profoundly to distinguish my self from the aggregates which are impermanent and suffering.

"Jure" is a personal name, given to me by my parents. I am a collection of inclinations, thoughts, preferences, tastes. All of these are not the self, all right.

But if you imply there's something in Jure that is the self, like a soul, then that is eternalism. Like a Christian belief in personal souls (plural).

The Zen Masters spoke of the "One Mind" - that "One" I think implies that, at the level "before one's parents are born", we are not two.

Therefore, beyond the five aggregates, there's no Jure.

There's Nirvana, but not Jure.

This makes sense, I think: with what the Sutras and the Chinese commentaries say - for instance the first Chinese Pure Land Patriarch Tan-Luan, that ultimately, a bodhisattva knows there are no sentient beings to save, so his activity is like play.

Say, are you playing now, or saving souls?

Jure K.

The author, who has a Ph.D. in English, can't refute what is obvious in the Pali canon in regard to the real anattâ doctrine (I hate to use the term doctrine) - not with stuff like this: ||The teaching of anatman, then, can be understood as an assertion that there is no eternal and unchanging consciousness, life force, or soul, singular or plural, nothing which can escape this dependently arisen world and continue on in
eternal bliss.||
Anattâ doctrine is very simple in the Pali canon: You Jure, the real dude, are not actually the Five Aggregates (which belong to the Buddhist devil, Mara). Of each aggregate you reflect: 'this is not mine, this I am not, this is not my self' (na meso attâ).

Not all Self-deniers are materialists. Check this article for instance (seems to be very popular now):


He does not equate the mind with the brain, and he fully embraces karma and rebirth. But he explicitly mentions your understanding of anatman ("aggregates are not the Self") and dismisses it.

You have to update, your enemies are changing strategies and getting smarter. The Batchelors and the Ajahn Chahs are passé!

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