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January 16, 2013


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"but supernatural and transcendent"

Absolutely yes!!!

I used mostly the Western Mystery tradition & practices, ie magick, to get enlightened, also using the saying of Zen Master's as helpful guide posts & instruction (because frankly the magick tradition is clueless about this stuff or they hide in symbols - I mean I guess it isn't all that impressive or occulty to just say "look at your mind"). Now I find Mahayana Buddhism absolutely fascinating but honestly 3/4 the time I have no idea what they're talking about, though somehow I know their theory is solid. If you really wanna set my kundalini energy on fire start talking about gnosis and realization!! I'm all over that and I say yes yes and I can go on and on about it. But when I try to get formulaic I fail entirely. Get enlightened is my spiritual message. Get enlightened, get enlightened, get enlightened!!! The pudding tastes soo good!!, it's incredible and fascinating and seemingly impossible but realer than anything ever. There are hard times too, times when you wish the whole universe was exploded or you wish you never even thought about getting enlightened. I have three kids, do I want them to get enlightened? I'd have to recommend they do but i don't know if they'll even be interested. It's hard to break through and believe that enlightenment is actually real. I remember the moment when I really believed that some spiritual ultimate was really real. I also remember the moment I was enlightened, ie the moment i didn't know anything, ie the moment i didn't know anything but thought i did. Compassion will beat the shit out of you. For real.

Howdy from North Carolina!

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