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January 02, 2013


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Zenmar--I came in here rather late in the game (that is, after many many postings had been put up) and I agree with Eidolon. I'm going to copy & save the whole thing too. This is an amazing resource, and it should be preserved. Actually, The Zennist blog would make a book, and ideally some of the responses & questions could be included as well.

Shit, reading this post felt like a hammer banging on my head :(


Thanks for saving them.

Very nicely put, Mr. Zennist, it says about all that an explanation is able to say. I'd like to say that this blog has been very helpful to me, in spite of my contentiousness here sometimes, especially in your emphasis on, and knowledge of, the older sutras. You're correct, not many in Zen in America nowadays study them or talk about them. My reading group took up the new Red Pine translation of the Lankavatara last Fall, but quickly gave it up as "too technical", "too difficult", "not related to modern life", some kind of nonsense like that - I left the group.

This blog is so helpful. I Have been copying and pasting it as Word documents in my computer, out of fear it might disappear.

Thank you. This is actually a big help. I've always suspected that the exhausting aspect of Zen retreats is actually the key to getting a bit beyond the conventional locked-in dualism.

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