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January 27, 2013


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You're taking this quote from I.B. Horner's Early Buddhist Theory of Man
Perfected ?

I had to search a bit for Google and found that people already asked you about the same quote on Newbuddhist


Here it is. Yes, it is on Access to Insight!

Your own self knows, my good man, whether you are true or false.
You underestimate the fine witness that is yourself,
you with evil in yourself
that then you hide.

Jure K.:

A.i.149. Go to the Anguttara-Nikaya. It is volume one, folio 149. Incidentally, Access to insight has an incomplete canon. If you are serious about Buddhism either find an academic library, buy the suttas, or go to Ken Wheeler's Aryan site (http://aryan-buddhism.blogspot.com/) and download his copies.

I saw that on the forums you post people want to look up the quotes you refer to, but your citation style is very difficult to understand for many (including me). For instance "A. i. 149" - can you explain that?

Or, you know what would be great, the ultimate improvement to the Zennist Blog - the last thing to make it perfect. If, instead of these annotations, there would be links, like this: http://www.accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/sn/sn22/sn22.043.wlsh.html

(Not necessarily to access to insight, but whichever translation you prefer of course)

Well, that's at least my wish.

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