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January 20, 2013


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Thanks for writing plainly about the distortion of the Dharma. Now I'm studying original sources.
One of the reasons I left off Zen practice years ago was that it was so depressing. There was a flat, solemn, distant quality to most of the people I met. A lot of the people stopped at their first kensho & went no further, as if: "Well, I'm part of the in-crowd now!" Yes, there was an out-crowd (almost everyone) and those with the "secret knowledge" who would be eventually asked to teach Zen, with or without the shaven head. Also, there was a certain moral equivalence...I didn't feel comfortable with that, and didn't know exactly where I stood with anyone. The more I read about the Japanese practice the more I'm scratching my (unshaven) head about where Zen has gone there & what those earlier masters brought to the USA.

Great analogy; along the lines of the sort of thing I've done myself from time to time.

You've chosen a superb vehicle; that imagery of the body/dharma snatcher really stays with ya.

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