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December 17, 2012


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"Contemplating the pure mind" means that there are two, the mind and the contemplator. Contemplating is a process of the brain that, as we all know, can err. One should be aware of that. I personally do not believe that there is s.th. to contemplate about when pure mind has been realized, has shown. All contemplation is a "mind's game", a game of the personal brain which we could consider with some humour. It comes before or/and after pure mind is manifested, it is just a sign that we exist as s.th. else than "only" pure mind, within limits that we have to accept.

Indeed, Brentano of western philosophical fame realized the pervasiveness of karma. In fact, he realized that ALL temporal expression was derivative...including thought, emotion, etc. This was before the subconscious was realized. Brentano posited the "uncreated". This from pure logic! We can go to Bankei for the 'unborn Buddha mind' as only one of a plethora of eastern mystics for this truth. Truly, pure [empty] mind is the singular source of Zen. Well stated.

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