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December 27, 2012


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Thank you for the tip, Zenmar! I ordered the book you recommended. Yes, I know "contrivance" can't get me there--but like you, I enjoy studying the sutras. My classes re-commence in a week. Yippee!

Constant gassing about what Buddhist practice is *not*, but when it comes to what the practice *is*, what we get is infrequent advice to try to "apperceive" one's thoughts (whatever the hell that could be said to mean). Like being told to hoist oneself by one's own bootstraps...


Yes, from the standpoint of absolute Mind this is quite true. It's like seeing a golden world. All things are made of gold—fundamentally there is only gold. The problem with interpreting such a passage is that prithagjanas think to themselves, "Wow, so I don't have to do anything!" But since they have not realized pure Mind they are now so deluded that they might never escape from their madness.

"Good sons, all hindrances are none other than ultimate enlightenment. Whether you attain mindfulness or lose mindfulness, there is no non-liberation. Establishing the Dharma and refuting the Dharma are both called nirvana; wisdom and folly are equally prajna; the method that is perfected by bodhisattvas and false teachers is the same bodhi; ignorance and suchness are not different realms; morality, concentration and wisdom, as well as desire, hatred and ignorance are all divine practices; sentient beings and lands share the same dharma nature; hell and heaven are both the Pure Land; those having Buddha-nature and those not having it equally accomplish the Buddha's enlightenment. All defilements are ultimately liberation. The reality-realms's ocean-like wisdom completely illumines all marks to be just like empty space. This is called 'the Tathāgata's accordance with the nature of enlightenment.' "

Pretty heavy stuff, this Sutra.

My master told me;

"By the grace of our singular trade we are those devoted to the mastery of the Mind. Ours is the art that offers a direct path into the deathless which makes us supernal painters and sculptors, with tools steeped in pure spirit.

We are those whom dare speak the truth in the face of a collective delusion. In the eyes of these masses of the walking dead, our trade is indeed a sordid one."

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