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December 19, 2012


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purrhos, that is only the case if you are attached to the temporal rewards, meaning that you do not see through them, do not know of their emptiness. If you do, you can just enjoy s.th. like the lust for a woman IN THE PRESENT MOMENT. In this respect, you should not overlook that some of Dogen's teachings were insightful (though he was not the first one to give them). Here it is the wisdom that at the core "abstaining from" like "indulging in" are empty, the sacred and the profane are one.

Well, that doesn't help. The basis of right view is enlightenment. Without enlightenment, how can you have a right view? Therefore this is a statement that has to be taken metaphorically and not as a chain of events. The Buddha himself would not have known if not awakened first. So you can only come to right conclusions after awakening. The writers of the Palicanon, or be it the Shakyamuni himself, have unfortunately put it as a vicious circle. This is just a sign of bad writing, we can now do better.

Well said.

In addition, the addiction to temporal rewards leads to a state known as the "hungry ghost" state. Always hungry, never satisfied, forever wandering. It is a state that can strike fear in the heart of one who has perceived it.

Where do they evolve to? Only God [Adi-Buddha] can say.

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