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December 23, 2012


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Dooyen: Are you saying Shakyamuni was a "welfare leech"? Ha, ha that's one I've never heard before. Haha!

Asceticism is spiritual greed. Only when we abandon both things, and abandon abandoning, can we start genuine practice.

First prince, then ascetic, and finally buddha.


Have you read the Lalitavistarasutra lately? It has a heavy allegorical ring to it like the Ramayana. Maybe that is the way we should look at the matter.

Bows to you for tirelessly pointing to it.

Did Siddharta really renounce the world? He initially was a rich guy and continued to live on the means of others, now called donations or dana, had a whole park bestowed upon him and implemented a monkhood that was told that (the most honest) work on the rice field to feed oneself is prohibited. I do not consider that "renouncing". It is just another dependence on s.th. we call social welfare today, with a perhaps sophisticated derivation.

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