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December 06, 2012


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When one engages in the practice of Koan, if done correctly, one of the possible 'experiences' one can have is:

- One becomes 'like' an electric current that runs up and down the body.

- One becomes 'like' an X-ray that can go through wall.

- One becomes 'less dense' and float out of the body and enters higher 'energy' realms.

Note the word "like", these experiences however are still Mind's phenomena. Just like having the painful, dense, physical body is a phenomena.

Having these experiences give the practitioners a glimpse into other of Mind's dimensions. Practitioners see the physical world as LESS REAL as a result, (very importantly) LESS attachment to the painful physical world.

You won't find discussion like these at New Buddhists (I was banned from there too) or Dharma Wheel forum. I truly think the moderators there are evils incarnated in human bodies who stop the real Teaching from spreading. Think profoundly, look underneath the veil, then you will see their real intention :)


Oh little puthujjana. Oh little puthy puthy. Come into the sanzen room and shake that little booty. (Puthy-Sutty i.(ii).3)

What the feeble minds of the puthujjana (puthujjana) don't understand is that once one has experienced Pure Mind, one is able to step outside of existence and view it objectively and therefore report back on it in truth. (Carl Beilburger Avecfromage ii.A.3i.4c).



I recently started reading Red Pine's translation of the Lankavatara Sutra and was going to ask what you thought of it compared to other translators, but now see you already did a post on it in January. I haven't read any of his other works yet, but I like his use of language.

Refreshing. I welcome your clear statement statement and hope people see and understand it. Warm regards, Jonathan Harrison.

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