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November 21, 2012


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It is better to recognize it than to describe it.

Is out innermost self (paccattam) the spirit?

Entering the light of lights, until reaching the other shore,
a truth of permanent nature this is what a zennist is striving for,

In it, a body of spirit graced, emerged through this dharma call,
outside it, fleeting shadows and ghosts, all less pleasant to recall.

Damn, them Cambodian and Thais monk again@!

I heard them monks still eats shrimps and meats from donators and they love it!!. Right here in my town they still have Sunday feast where followers bring in pork BBQ spare reef and Chinese sausages along with roast pheasant, YUM YUM!!. It is great being Thais monks :)

They also got lot of money from donor, to build a temple and a few housing units for the monks....Heck, I would like to join the Thais monk clan here, shave my head and pretend to sit still in meditation for 1 hour, that will impress a lot of Westerners,,,,,,,and I will be golden, LOL


your water analogy is a logical and metaphysical grand error, also the same error used by other Indians, the "drop of water..back to the Absolute/Ocean".... if this were so, then attribution would reoccur, to the point that said water would "flow out to the lands (phenomena) again". Said logical impossibility posits Perfection as merely a "return to the One as Identical TO the One", rather than removal of attribution from self to other as is the case in the One.

The correct analogy would be the drop would FREEZE as Itself, no longer capable of flowing (=asava = tanha = avijja)

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