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November 26, 2012


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deluded dumbass says--Only a fool thinks there's something especially mysterious abotu magnets

only a deluded dumbass like you thinks you know how action at a distance works, I have every book ever written on same, and nobody has a godddamn clue.

Youre an idiot in the extreme my pathetic little child

Fool, the white to black panes movement is your deluded mind! The radiometer you saw is an after-thought (after image) of the real Mind. You westerners are forever backward in your way of thinking ;)

Like a fly on crap, a moment he put the bow out, you dive in, LOL

Here is the hint: try to find the answer by treating the question like a koan, the koan of the radiometer! then maybe, if you are lucky, you see what really moves the panes.


Java, I doubt you're the first person who understood how magnets work. It depends what you mean by "how a magnet works". Magnet are no more mysterious than gravity. Why do people think magnets are mysterious, but a bouncing ball isn't? It's just because they see objects falling regularly, while magnets are not so regular. But if you ask them about both, it's equally mysterious. Only a fool thinks there's something especially mysterious abotu magnets. A wise man knows there's something mysterious about EVERYTHING.

Look at this:


dufus, you should have used a MAGNET for example, not a single mofo on earth knoows how a magnet works. I own every book ever published on magnetism, no mofo has A CLUE,.....I however think i cracked it.

However even I know how a radiometer works, so bad example.

black light absorption to white repulsion absorption ratio creates temporary mass preturbations between the white to black panes causing movement.

There is no scientific model or explanation for the mind, and probably never will be...

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