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November 26, 2012


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Explaining the radiometer.

“For me gravity doesn’t exist,” said Dr. Verlinde, who was recently in the United States to explain himself. Not that he can’t fall down, but Dr. Verlinde is among a number of physicists who say that science has been looking at gravity the wrong way and that there is something more basic, from which gravity “emerges,” the way stock markets emerge from the collective behavior of individual investors or that elasticity emerges from the mechanics of atoms.

Source: http://goo.gl/zobF5

For those interested, Nancy Cartwright has a lot to say about the radiometer problem in physics in her book, _How the Laws of Physics Lie_ (the word lie is a pun). More to the point, philosophy is careful to distinguish phenomenological laws from theoretical laws, physics is not. Physics conflates the two. This is where Cartwright brings in the radiometer. It is a good example of what is wrong with physics.

"Really powerful explanatory laws of the sort found in theoretical physics do not state the truth." ~ Nancy Cartwright, p. 3

Java, what I said is that magnets are no more mysterious than a cup falling on the floor. Nobody finds that mysterious. And then you tell me: "but action at a distance is a mystery!" - Well what the hell is gravity if not action at a distance? Ah, why do I spend my precious time debating philosophical dilettantes like you.

Yea the radiometer is not the best example as the thermodynamics are well understood.

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