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November 15, 2012


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The turning of the wheel of REBIRTH and Re-DEATH......my friend, is the result of Karma!

The wheel never stops, just like the Teaching of True Mind never stops....it is ever present. Whether you are a billionaire sucking on your champaign and hanging out in the playboy mansion or if you are a starving pauper or a pig to be slaughtered, the Wheel of Teaching never stops.

Get it straight, my friends. It has NO MERCY! what it concerns is True Mind......it could care less if you are hungry or dying! nor it cares if the Jews and the Arab are fighting to the death!

Don't ask it for money, don't ask it if you can have a nice blond to date..it CAN'T help you!

But, when you truly and sincerely open your 'heart' and let it enters, the bliss of 'no-desire' will overwhelm you. And that, my friend, is GOOD KARMA!!!!! you will be on your journey to eternal bliss (where the LAW of KARMA no longer applied)

See, it is very simple.....what are you wanting at this moment?.....a nice blond woman? a million dollar? a nice yacht? a Mercedes-Benz 55 AMG? a good job that pays 6 figures? Well, if that is the case then you ain't escaping Karma! LOL


most idiot-scum buddhists, western and especially Asian/Indian are convinced kamma is a mystical file-cabnit that hovers over your head holding record of good/bad deeds etc. etc.

There is no such nonsense, kamma has no locus, is an unreality and attribution with no subjective locus. Kamma is only as real as avijja is, which is wholly unreal. Avijja goes "no further than the khandhic being...just too kamma". Kamma and vinnana are metaphysical syn. and interchangable topics.

Kamma, or agencyship ('the atman is not a karmin') doesnt exist outside of anything to which can be applied avijja.

You are one deluded Westerner. Just stick to your toilet-lid size steak, OK?

Let's not forgot, the body you have NOW is a result of your PAST Karma. Have you ever asked how it was made? and instead of speaking non-sense, think a bit.

...and you are creating another dung-bag in your next rebirth as we speak! A wise master in Nam said you go where your mind is.

In simpler term and explanation, if you have desire for that steak after you pass on from this earth, by mechanism, in order to eat that steak again you will be entering another woman's womb 'again'.

Then you grow some teeth (your body by implication of desire must do this) to chew on that steak.....in another word, there is no other way for you to enjoy that steak, other than to reborn, my redneck friend.

'Nuff say, some Westerners are too hard to train! (and they always fight you).!


Those who wish to take a closer look into the Dharma, Kamma and Samma
should carefully read the short Magganga Dipani(The Manual of the Constituents of the Noble Path) by the burmese Agga Maha Pandita (Highly honored)
Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw treatise on this subject.

Especially the Dasavatthuka Samma-ditthi (Ten kinds of right understanding).

Its pure Theravada, thus a bit arduous for some, but it will give you a deep insight into the basics of Buddhist thought, the Buddhist realms of kamma and some other good things to memorize as you jump around like happy frogs on the more loftier fields of Mahayana.


Java the javenitor wrote;

"grounds DHAMMA

descent KAMMA

ascent SAMMA."

Bravo Java.

You hit the nail to the ground with one single blow!

I agree 100% with that.

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