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November 06, 2012


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Thanks for the links!

For those in need of real video footage from the shaolin temple and even the cave where Bodhidharma sat in profound Biguan while bathing his Spirit in the pure light of Mahayana on Vultures peak for 9 years, here is a good source:

http://www.youtube.com/user/jasbirbindra (many good short videos from the area for those interested to travel around there in the near future).

Much more can be said about this Black Dragon in the History of Chán Buddhism and especially its more obscure mystical side, and internet today certainly provides us with many short movies, "stories" and other more precise information based on minute research from all kinds of physically and digitally stored records, but if anything one could best describe this awesome Mind as a "Spiritual" Polymath. One of many sages which the Buddhas and protectors of the buddhadharma provide us with many but which we keep reckognise far too few in order to allow the radiant light of mahayana reign supreme on this world.

Not as "spiritual" as the movie you posted in your article, this is one nice presentation on Bodhidharma by Joseph Aranha from - Asian/Asian American Research Institute - here seen lecturing about Bodhidharma at the City University of New York.

80 min Lecture packed with info on the sage. One thing though.

What this happy indian lacks in precision when presenting certain crucial historical facts, he compensates with good "hindu" humour, especially when talking about his encounters with the chinese during his travels in China.




Thanks so much for this history. Very interesting to say the least.

I enjoyed the film, it paints a beautiful picture of early Ch'an in China. I found the interaction between forest contemplative and the more institutionally minded monks to be a crucial synergy that is missing in today's modern Zen. We need more characters like Bodhidharma, but we also need Buddhists to support such figures.

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