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October 23, 2012


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Great use of Transcendent Giants like Plotinus and Eckhart!

My master told me;

"A mind dwelling in self-ignorance, is like a fool trying to catch an image reflected in a perfect mirror.  Blinded by ever re-emerging passions, the fool is entirely immersed in the impossible act of grasping and holding the image with the irrefutable reality of the mirror, entirely omitted from his mind.
This continuous attempt to grasp what cannot be grasped, keep what cannot be kept, creates a strong formatting desire consciousness,  for a moment, a body  and a place where this can happen, and thus,  the ground upon which distress and suffering can flourish,  is arisen and executed for all actions ahead."

'He that has the strength, let him arise and withdraw into himself, forgoing all that is known by the eyes, turning away for ever from the material beauty that once made his joy.'

(Plotinus - Ennead I-6:8 - MacKenna).

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