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October 07, 2012


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I read this blog compulsively, and agree with much of it, but on this one I disagree. Good for you that you came to Buddhism in a healthy, curious, optimistic frame of mind, but it doesn't need to be a template for everyone. I wonder how emotionally sound Milarepa was when he came seeking to be Marpa's student. As opposed to a season of bike racing, he came off a season of murder and black magic. I suspect he had a ton of stress and internal conflict.

You argue against yourself. First you claim Buddhism won't help with emotional stress, then you say it'll help create a less onerous future. Sounds pretty helpful to me.

I've only been practicing seriously for five years, but I doubt I would have had the same motivation to begin if my life had been significantly less difficult at the time. And in that time, the external factors that afflicted my mind haven't gone away, but my response to them have undergone a revolution.

I will concede that clinical depression is not something to be treated with Buddhism (although I know people who suffer this disease and use it in their practice), but a profound dissatisfaction with samsara is.

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