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October 25, 2012


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Azanshi: I will reflect deeply on what you wrote.

Jure (aka Ignorant about ignorance);

Anyone "trying" to "understand" the teachings of Buddha , or those from the skillful teachers after him (read your Bodhidharma again), offering the same dharma without the slightest deviation, will never find THAT which grants satisfaction, unless a visit is paid to Vulture´s peak.

"Up there" the answer can instantly be verified by the one posing the question eg. you minus the skandhas. There are two ways up to that peak, the cumbersome one and the instantaneous one. What you choose depends solely on your current merit and of course the virtue to use it properly.

You truly have an excellent linguistic and philosophical acumen. Perhaps it might serve you to impress women or friends but in that which is deathless it serves you for nothing. It is worthless and a great obstacle to any future awakening. Understand that I can easily see (although you do not) that your spirit harbours many demons you have gathered since a while back and you have yet to clean your house. Remember that Demon in ancient greece meant carrier of knowledge. More precisely unwholesome knowledge (that causes distress and suffering).

Right now I am afraid, the empirical understanding you are obsessively longing for, is but a mirage, that once achieved, will not grant you any lasting or useful satisfaction, but on the contrary, cause even more questions. Like a nightmarish Hydra, popping up new heads everywhere! Trust me on that. I know. I have been there.

I pray one day you might find a way to calm down your unusually volatile mind, park that body you love dragging around all over the world like a hungry ghost, and suddenly change vantage point in terms of consciousness. I speak of a temporary leap from the skandhic day/night consciousness to the spiritual consciousness found on vulture´s peak. It is accessible to you at all times, at any given place or position. One cannot carry the body of the evil one on the peak where the Light of Mahayana shines brightly and clearly in all ten directions.

Remember that.

Oh, before I forget. Since you´ve declared yourself publicly a Bompu (japanase meaning ordinary or a spiritual idiot) what are you doing here? Aren´t you supposed to give it all up, zen buddhism, philosophy, christianity and all other vehicles you have chosen as side bets and put your trust in Amithabhaya Tathagataya as a good Shin Buddhist? Are you doubting this wondrous aspect and spiritual being of the Pure Mind? Does your dialectical monkey mind creating doubts when what you need urgently is something of strong faith? It is time to ask yourself WHAT YOU BELIEVE?

If you believe in Buddha Gotama then Amithbhaya is a given and any doubt is merely your demons taling, not your spirit. If not, well then you have a problem, and any answer I might offer to that bottomless bucket of questions wyou protect so dearly will never genuinely grant you satisfaction.

You can´t place hedging bets all over the place son. You have to choose and focus on the chosen path with all your might and abilities, or you will wake up one day and discover that all bets you´ve place on different vehicles are lost and collected by Mara whom owns the casino.

Java: Thanks for that passage. I'll reflect on it.

MStriando / Azanshi: Why fret about my identity, you can both guess who I am anyway. And if you're not sure, just ask. I have nothing to hide. I can tell you my address, my age, my telephone number, even my dick size if you give me enough time to measure it (haven't done it since teen ages). I'll quote Azanshi from a year or two ago: "Focus on what's being said, not how or who is saying it." My question was about the origin of ignorance. That's what I asked about. I did not understand your mystical statements in the past, and I still don't; either this reflects your lack of clarity, or the thickness of my skull. Both are legitimate possibilities, I do not rule out either. About positing an action: how does that happen? Isn't that the same as the "suddenly" of Awakening of Faith?

That my question is legitimate, is corroborated by the fact that many have asked this question before, "Professor Michael Zimmermann, a specialist on the Tathagatagarbha Sutra, sees the notion of an unperishing and eternal self in that early buddha-nature scripture and insists that the compilers of the Tathagatagarbha Sutra 'do not hesitate to attribute an obviously substantialist notion to the buddha-nature of living beings'. With this monistic interpretation arises the problem of evil akin to the theistic problem of evil. The Ratnagotra-vibhaga sees the tathagatagarbha as the basis for all mental activity, including "unsystematic attention", which is in turn the basis for moral and spiritual defilements. The Lankavatara Sutra specifically says that the tathagatagarbha "holds within it the cause for both good and evil.

Tathagatagarbha thought, seeking to avoid the conclusion that genuine evil can arise from the pure tathagatagarbha, portrays mental defilements as insubstantial illusions produced by delusion.

It portrays mental defilements as unreal, and nirvana not as the actual extinction of anything, but as being already existent in a concealed state. Why the illusory mental defilements should be imagined by the deluded mind is stated to be a mystery that only a Buddha can understand.

The absolutist language of tathagatagarbha thought thus tends to introduce a gulf of non-relation between the realms of enlightenment and deluded existence. This dualism brings with it the conundrum of relating enlightened and unenlightened existence."

- This is sufficient to see that this is a profound problem and not me trying to break your balls.

I am, like others in this group, trying to understand the teachings of the Buddha. While reading the texts, I ask questions, sometimes in a quirky fashion.

[AN 5.113]--- “Followers, the beginning of ignorance can never be discerned (beginningless) such that it cannot be said “Here is the First where ignorance is not, here is the contingency which generated it.” Such that it should be discerned, followers, “ignorance is a condition”

(Purima, bhikkhave, koti na pañña’yati avijja’ya– ‘ito pubbe avijja’ na’hosi, atha paccha’ samabhavi’’ti. Evañcetam, bhikkhave, vuccati, atha ca pana pañña’yati– ‘idappaccaya’ avijja’’ti.).

Ignorant about ignorance:

Mind Posits an ACTION that becomes pluralized thus inducing dualistic commodities—yet the commodity is not the Animating Principle. IT takes delight (Blake’s , Energy is Eternal Delight) in ITs creative prowess but never equates its creations with IT’s Essential Stature—AS IT IS IN ITSELF. Too much focus on the Mādhyamika Mind only leads to a deconstructionist base that eventually succumbs to nihilism—the inevitable outcome of your Comic book-like interpretation of the Lanka and other related subject matter…you are the answer to your present questioning. As always, you have a legion of masquerading faces yet the One that matters the most of all will forever elude you.

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