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October 02, 2012


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Regarding convincing Western Buddhist of karma and rebirth, perhaps the dream analogy may be helpful:

"I suppose most of us realise that although we don't have any control over our dreams, we are still in some strange way responsible for them and their content. We are simultaneously the victims and the perpetrators of our dreams. Although we are consciously the principal actor, we are also subconsciously the scriptwriter, stage manager and director who makes us play our part.

In Under Milk Wood, no pleas or complaints to the Educational Authority could save Mrs Willy Nilly from being spanked for being late for school every night of her married life. No Child Protection Agency operated in the virtual Llareggub she inhabited in her conjugal bed. Nor could middle-aged Mrs Willy Nilly appeal to memory or reason to offer an escape route from the recurring spanking nightmare. There was no memory or frame of reference other than of being a schoolgirl.

Sometimes dreams can be nested within dreams. Often when troubled with problems we dream that we are dreaming. Typically we dream that our problems have taken a nasty turn for the worse. Then we wake up and realise that our problems don't exist - they were just a dream.

Then we really wake up and are confronted with our problems again.

So there are dreams within dreams. Maybe several levels deep.

We often abide in dreams unaware of their logical contradictions, but if we do become aware, our mind usually does a 'pinch me' and forces us to wake up (unless we are skilled in lucid dreaming and can manipulate the storyline and dive back in to the dream after the 'pinch').

Reflecting on dreaming, multiple levels of awakening, and dreaming-about-dreaming inevitably begs the questions:

Are we still dreaming right now?"

Can we wake up to a higher level than our daytime experience?
From http://seanrobsville.blogspot.com/2009/11/collective-karma.html

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