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October 09, 2012


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Excellent piece

(Just a note - the link to your recounting the Avengers comic book incident is broken - i found the right link http://zennist.typepad.com/zenfiles/2010/01/onepointedness-of-the-comic-book-sky.html by googling...)

I loved this bit from the other post :

" I had realized after his lecture that to get anyplace in Buddhism, the adept must have a real time spiritual epiphany of Mind seeing Mind. You can’t cheat yourself, either. You either do it or you have to resign yourself to a life of doing good works with every fiber of your being. "

That seems to me the perfect method to proceed.

The Q&A style is an excellent idea, I love where this is going.

Ken--from another old-coot, just have to say that I'm enjoying your book suggestions--this one is a real gem--thanks!

This is more reminiscent of your roots in the early days when you used a similar style--good show!

this is the book you should be reading old-coot

The Theological Origins of Modernity

its free on bookfi.org

Exposing the religious roots of our ostensibly godless age, Michael Allen Gillespie reveals in this landmark study that modernity is much less secular than conventional wisdom suggests. Taking as his starting point the collapse of the medieval world, Gillespie argues that from the very beginning moderns sought not to eliminate religion but to support a new view of religion and its place in human life. He goes on to explore the ideas of such figures as William of Ockham, Petrarch, Erasmus, Luther, Descartes, and Hobbes, showing that modernity is best understood as a series of attempts to formulate a new and coherent metaphysics or theology.

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