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October 07, 2012


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Thanks for pointing this connection between secular buddhism and putthujanas.
Only those contemplatives who had entered the stream (Sotapanna) by going against the stream of parental, social-cultural conditionings through connecting with their own bodhicitta (heat-mind) and faith in Buddha and Dhamma in the seen and unseen belong to the fourfold Sangha of the 'Noble Ones' (ariyapuggala). Peace

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John Willemsens.

Zennist wrote:

"When faith is undefiled, the mind is pure ~ Avatamsaka Sutra"

2nd that!

This was the original intention with the chinese version of the Pure Land school and why some chan masters offered it to dharma students with, lets say, too many bad habits to practise the superior path of the arya-sravaka. The latter being students endowed with superior spiritual abilities. Much like a contemporary math teacher offering the exceptional students a special teaching in accordance with their innate capacity and the rest a teaching sufficient to pass the required grades for a higher education.

Jure K:

When faith is undefiled, the mind is pure ~ Avatamsaka Sutra

"No sravakas or pratyekabuddhas are able to know, see or investigate this matter with their insight. How much less able to do so are foolish ordinary people (puthujjana), except when they directly realise it by faith!" (Anunatva-Apurnatva-Nirdesa)

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