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October 21, 2012


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(Actually, I take the words in my last comment back. Pure Land Buddhism has in Japan took the same road as Zen. It has become materialistic. Amitabha Buddha is seen as a "symbol" and "a myth", and so on. It seems that the materialist worldview will spread and swallow everything until the Dharma is completely forgotten, just like the Buddha anticipated. Thankfully we also know that after this happens, a new Buddha will appear in the world.)

Chan master Yongming Yanshou (Chinese: 永明延壽) once said:

"Having both the Chan and Pure Land practices is like adding horns to a tiger. In this life we will be a teacher to others; in the next, we will become Buddhas.

With Pure Land but no Chan, every single practitioner will be reborn [in the Land of Bliss]. When we see Amitabha Buddha, how can we not achieve enlightenment?

With Chan but no Pure Land, nine of ten will lose their way. When the netherworld beckons, we will go there in a flash.

With neither Chan nor Pure Land, iron beds and bronze pillars [of the hell realm] await us. Over countless eons and lifetimes, we will have nothing to depend on."


It seems to me the master was right. In the West, Zen is very popular but we have no "Pure Land" basis to build upon, and so we're left in the situation where only 1 out of 10, talented spiritual geniuses can do it - while the "99%", to use the Occupy lingo, go astray.


Great--fantastic assessment!

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