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October 04, 2012


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I'm trying to follow your lead and become a serious student of the Sutras. I practice a lot, too and belong to a community. Thank you for your insights and for taking the time to write every day. The Zennist is the best blog on Zen I've found. I am beginning to blog myself, but don't have enough stuff up yet to guide people over there... Honestly, I think I will edit comments more than you do. (See above! LOL)

One can neither experience fresh bread by gnawing on stale crusts, nor reconstruct whole loaves from yesterdays crumbs.

Revere the past expressions for their richness, but don't mistake the form of expression for the essence.

There's no recipe for gnosis.

oh shit, you mean, like, uhm ,cooking with honey isnt like cooking with fat white mans crack, sugar? Duhh, aint that a sharp analogy.

I ruckon that makes some hunka sense there Tesla,... I say Tesla, because Einstein was really a dumb fukr.

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