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October 24, 2012


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You will find here articles and books offering a way of understanding the mystical traditions and the mystical experience without reducing them to neurophysiological artifacts


Dr. Deikman is a pioneer in the scientific investigation of meditation, the mystical experience, and consciousness.

Susan Kline:

If you are familiar with the 3rd chapter of the Lotus Sutra, Shariputra, when he first heard the voice of the Lord, was in "great terror lest it might be Mara, the evil one, who on this occasion had adopted the disguise of Buddha."

It was the same with me. But it didn't last long. Buddhism starts to make sense almost immediately. All the pieces of the puzzle snap together.

Buddhas really expound the Dharma mysteriously; not through conventional means.

I never shared this publicly until now because I decided that Western Buddhists need hope since Buddhism has to compete with the religions of Abraham. I have given them that hope.

Zenmar, What you wrote was surprising...but not surprising because I've read about other Zen people experiencing the things that you describe. I hope I can ask a question intelligently.I come out of a different tradition so I have a tendency to proceed with caution. Are you certain that the entities that contacted you & your friends were positive forces, or just another aspect of Maya, or even devils?


It is one hell of an adventure like no other. You never can forget it—and you don't want to forget it. The Christian. Paul's "Road to Damascus" was small potatoes compared to what happened to me. No one need fear going all the way with Buddhism. The payoff is more than you can dream of. There is no need to worry about finding a teacher. They are around you right now. No one need 'believe' — just seek the pure Mind within your crazy mind. That starts the whole ball rolling.


I think one important point of this experience was to teach me that this is not subjective; moreover that Mind knows no limits. In a world of Mind, the laws of the world are much different than the laws presently guiding this world. Interestingly, one thing I didn't share was that karma was unmistakable. Off by an inch, and fear struck you like nothing else you ever experienced before (you really had to go with the flow of the light). In this world we don't sense this—it doesn't mean it is not happening.

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