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October 30, 2012


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Materialists aren't aware of the intrinsic contradiction that the brain itself cannot be perceived but via the mind. All judgements regarding the meaning of external data are also subject to 'internal' processes. It's a per formative contradiction. If its true, then it's false.

My master told me;

"Where your spiritual mind rests on the undivided light of our Lord, your worldly mind is formed in the heart of darkness.

It is easy to doubt, stumble and fall in darkness, while light brings clarity and the wisdom that follows it."

"But is not the brain itself only a sensually percepted thing?" - That's an excellent argument. They (materialist philosophers) posit the brain as both the perceiver of everything (but not a passive one, an active perceiver that actually constitutes, constructs the perceptible world), and ALSO a perceived object among many in the world. So that which composes the world is also a composed object among many. That's a contradiction that materialist philosophers cannot resolve. They're in denial about this apparent logical contradiction.

The placebo effect: Science still can't explain that, and isn't it the perfect example of "mind over matter"?

Next is the status of the observer in quantum mechanics:

"The rules of quantum mechanics are correct but there is only one system which may be treated with quantum mechanics, namely the entire material world. There exist external observers which cannot be treated within quantum mechanics, namely human (and perhaps animal) MINDS, which perform measurements on the brain causing wave function collapse."

Let alone that dramatic study at Cornell University that showed participants are affected by psychological phenomena from the future? There's actually empirical proof for precognition, it's just a google search away.

Seems to me that we're living in fascinating times, a major paradigm shift seems to be underway!

"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." (Max Planck, founder of quantum theory)

heres your greek catch phrase old boy

τί τάχιστον; Νοῦς. Διὰ παντὸς γὰρ τρέχει.....(..).

What is the fastest thing? The mind. It travels through everything....(and instantly) — Thales

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