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October 28, 2012


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"Prey tell me, what is a man ready to do or pay for his complete freedom from suffering? I speak of a freedom, that when revealed in a glimpse of direct gnosis, emerges as more wonderful and glorious than anything seen or imagined through the dim consciousness of his fragmented mind?"

"Anything master. If such where the reality , for even a short moment, a man would truly do anything or pay anything required to regain such freedom permanently, as once experienced through that glimpse of Minds heaven."

"Then find a way to earn the special currency required, as advised by our Lord, and use it wisely to enter that immaculate light of your own true nature."

"But how is such a way found master?"

"By keeping that glimpse of the Minds true essence before your minds eye in any activity, whether it is one of day or night or even one through the valley of death. This is called the skillful use of the noble eightfold path From it , springs forth the very fountain of life granting its awestruck beholder superior right knowledge and superior right liberation."

"I see. I understand master. How wonderful, how wonderful indeed. Thank, you."

"I have not said anything beyond the scope and resourcefulness of your own true nature. Remember that and find humble reverence before your own true self. After all, why keep throwing mud at what cannot ever be stained? Why not hold that jewel steady in your heart and let its clear light lead the way to the other shore? Your rightful home of everlasting peace and noble wisdom."

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