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September 09, 2012


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Our mind can enjoy of emptying our desire.
Our body can enjoy of filling the need.
Our soul can enjoy of running the world.

We can have some food without desire.
We can complete the purpose of desire of having some food without the desire.


Zen of the bouncing droplet. Zen buddhism for dummies.

A visual demonstration of the dynamic permanent nature of "waterness" versus the impermanent (empty) nature of "waviness".

Watch the rings on each bounce. Karma created by active aggregates (outflows of a ignorant putthujana caught in samsara completely open).

When created waveforms from other aggregates collide, inteference is created (karmic friction) resulting in actualized karma.

Hence a Buddha, completely liberated, eg. completely self-identified with its waterness-nature, is said to have all outflows shut (highest siddhi). No rings created, no karma. No suffering as no aggregates are born, created, active or even passive.

Here endeth the lesson.;)

Hey, old coot, see about getting one of these, theyre amazing, it has 5 microphones built into it, so you can adjust the pickup. I bought one, the audio is 'starwars' amazing. Easy as hell to use too,... you can record the sounds of emptiness coming out of the heads of 'buddhists'.

ZOOM H4N Microphone


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