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September 04, 2012


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No, but when mind becomes s.th. that is not linked to your brain (and thus to your life), it does not EXIST and therefore is not worth speculating about. This mind is not you (as the skandha are not you) and therefore has nothing to do with a rebirth. Actually, believing in such a rebirth is materialism. Why do you link what IS (mind) to rebirth?

Dooyen: Your comment seems to be that of a typical Western materialist who believes that mind is the epiphenomenon of the brain. Sorry, but it ain't so—not in Buddhism.

As said in the Shrimala Sutra, there is only one important truth, the third one you mentioned, about the elimination of suffering. We should understand that it is NOT possible to eliminate physical suffering by walking an eight- or tenfold path. Not drinking alcohol for example - some scientists found out that moderate drinkers live longer. Not sleeping on comfortable beds - it will give some people backpain and increase their suffering. Because you do not see that the body is limiting one's life and also perception (just study the minds of Alzheimer patients) you draw an artificial line. That is an old hope of mankind, to somehow flee the bodily existence through the mind. It stems from your sometimes literal understanding of the palicanon where it should be read metaphorically (see rebirth).

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