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September 11, 2012


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The Mahayana Anunatva-Apurnatva-Nirdesa Sutra tells of how the essence of ultimate truth, the Buddha nature (tathāgatagarbha), can be perceived by means of faith.

This matter of the Buddha nature lies beyond the reach of the foolish, of the ordinary person, unless that person possess faith, which will gain him or her entry into the realm of the Buddha nature:

"No sravakas [the elementary students of the Buddha] or pratyekabuddhas ["private" Buddhas, who usually avoid people and generally do not teach] are able to know, see or investigate this matter with their insight. How much less able to do so are foolish ordinary people, except when they directly realise it by faith!"


David Saunders:

Passages like this prove to be a problem for the Buddhist self deniers. Of course, not all Buddhist are self deniers, just the ones who lean towards materialism.

Reading your interesting article I happened to catch this:

By oneself is evil done; by oneself is one defiled. By oneself is evil left undone; by oneself is one made pure. Purity and impurity depended on oneself; no one can purify another. (Dhammapada XII,
verse 165)

The question here is what is this self that purifies what the other defiles?

My master told me;

"Listen and take careful note. You have forgotten what, and where, you really are. Because of this you are presently seeking realization in this highly unwholesome field of consciousness, providing you with nothing but delusions composed by the false light from the other four (aggregates). Making any decisions on worldly matters in this false light, is the very cause to your inevitable future suffering due to the extremely erroneous information this field provides your present self-ignorant mind.

Death is not a solution to your predicament as it merely regenerates another consciousness matrix of different content, that like this one is lacking absolute self-reality.

This incongruous division of the Mind, is one caused spontaneously and as such in a time and continuum too far away to make any sense in this time and this continuum, and thus a moot point for any further discussion.

If you seek your original self sincerely and as a way to become completely healed from this present spiritual darkness, enlightenment will, like your original plunge into darkness, occur spontaneously in a point not bound by time, form or space, as easy as you once divided yourself into this artificial consciousness field of self and other.

The solution to this most difficult equation you have created for your own selfish purposes, is two-folded. First the unquestionable realization must arise that this complex equation, and ever-changing labyrinth, of sometimes great distress, is a mere creation of your past artificial self, desiring and walking the unwholesome path that covets countless sensory experiences of the present and future versions of this self and thus not equal to your true self in any way whatsoever.

Secondly and most important, the search for the purifying light of awakening (bodhi), one produced by the Tathaghatas and as such beyond the scope and reach of your present aggregates must be initiated in whatever you do on a daily basis. This is the true meaning of Buddha Gotamas "mindfulness". Trying toi be mindful (your mind filled) of this light before each raised breath, thought or action or non-action.

This of course, demands hard work, but it is also the fastest path to enlightenment and thus we call it the wordless path of Chan Buddhism or Zen.

Once this light is found and faced beyond the wall of the aggregates you will recognize it by its complete ability to overpower any worldly impressions with its incredible strength and purity, because it is a light not subject to any doubt or slightest sense of incompleteness.

Surrendering your false consciousness field to this light will leave it free to break down your obstructing wall of bad habits and thus remove the distorted vision this false consciousness field produces; thus offering your mind a pure vision of the pure field and essence of the One Mind. One inhabited, since beginningless time, by countless bodhisattvas and buddhas. The absolute reality we Buddhists refer to as Dharmakaya. The timeless and deathless body of truth".

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