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September 23, 2012


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I have used The Science of Yoga (trans. Taimni) since the early 70s. http://sun-gazing.com/pdf/misc/Science-of-Yoga.pdf

Whatever translation you decide upon, make sure the grammar is all broken down. Taimni does a good job.

Is there a specific translation of the Yoga Sutra's that you would recommend?

Once again - not "you" reach nirvana, not "the deepest part of you" (whatever you mean by that). Buddhas statement means that nirvana is already reached by the real self, that nirvana and real self are one. That one is NOT you, as you yourself as the impermanent individual know and try to explain when you write about the skandha. "In the very self" means "without HIS self". It is when you have stripped yourself of everything that is you (mentally) that this becomes clear. "Our consciousness fares on" is impossible because it is a skandha. I don't know if you mean the alaya consciousness here, but still that is not you, it is nothing that "changes identity". Somewhere your ideas get mixed up. That happens to all who stick to the literal meaning of the canon, whichever they may choose. Insight means to transcend the canon, not to transmigrate. Insight means to understand the canon metaphorically and as a finger pointing to the moon, not being the moon. Insight became before the words and the canon, and that is why the Buddha initially refused teaching. All the words that came after are therefore to be handled with caution.

"They will be exiled and banished again and again" -- Lotus Sutra

www.reddit.com/r/Buddhism - democratic forum. I posted pro-Self posts many times and not only was I not censored, but I received upvotes.

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