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September 20, 2012


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i smell another Fing Ahole who confuses religion (secularized metaphysics) with Metaphysics. [referring to bob morris]

Buddhism IS and WAS fuct to the degree it didnt see material(ism), ie phenomena as the necessitated byproduct of the Absolute/Brahman.

the materialist/idiot LOVES and believes ONLY in phenomena/material(ism)

the wiser/spiritual (yet still idiot) HATES materialism, because he knows there is OTHER THAN phenomena.

the GENUINELY WISE accept materiality for what it is, a mirage of eternity, a condensate wake/byproduct of Emanation itself. The truely wise dont HATE materiality, they do however see thru it, and have transcended its grips in identity. Avijja/avijja metaphysicaly as meant is identity with OTHER THAN (A) SELF/ATMAN (VIJJA).

Avijja no more means ignorance, literally, than the ignorant cant fathom.

minx: Isn't having a master slightly contradictory to demanding absolute freedom?

My master told me;

"Freedom by definition is absolute. To request anything less from your own true nature is the mark of ignorance."

The problem faced by religionists isn't "scientism" but science itself which has been illumination more and more dark corners for centuries and will continue to do so. When religion goes up against science head on it loses every time (and will continue to do so).

... and my axe!

Perhaps we need a good word for the antithesis to materialism. My current Dharma teacher uses the word "transcendentalist" to define himself. He says: "I used to be a Buddhist materialist, but since adulthood I'm a transcendentalist."

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