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September 20, 2012


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There is s.th. besides science which is called personal experience. Yours is different from mine. Of course, yours as mine is only an illusion. But the illusion is the best guess one can have. Having been close to death can destroy the belief in any kind of rebirth once and for all. A lot of people, esp. those who have been in combat situations or terminally ill, describe the same experience (of course, there are also contradicting reports of others who saw a light, a tunnel etc.). It is like loosing another illusion. I claim that awakening answers questions like that, it surely does not confirm rebirth as it detects that there is neither birth nor death.

Russian BOOK SLUT: http://en.bookfi.org

I found this Russian website with TONS of illegal/cool/neat/rare books for free download.

Ahh, I love Russian AMORAL "get free shit" mentality. I found a PILE of Fing gems on that site

Awesome book, Java Junkie... Never found a philosophical work comparing Hegel's Absolute Spirit with Tathagatagarbha. Gonna spend this weekend carefully studying it.

youll love this book, i got it years ago, but here it is free download, pro-atman, pro-citta etc etc. well written


The Buddhist philosopher, mathematician and code-breaker Alan Turing proposed that all physical phenomena could be simulated and understood in terms of algorithms and datastructures.

So, presumably those phenomena that cannot be understood or simulated in this way are good candidates for being classed as non-physical: http://rational-buddhism.blogspot.com/2012/02/church-turing-deutsch-principle-and.html

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