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September 06, 2012


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David: Your heart can lie too. There's no certainty in the deluded heart-mind of the unenlightened. In seeing this, in seeing, and admitting, the helplessness, there is salvation. The German poet-prophet Hoelderlin wrote: Where danger is / rises the Saving Power also

Now you're speaking my language! I listen to teachers. I listen to you. Then I follow my heart.

Here's a rebel, but one you won't like:


jamnjazzz: I have never denigrated the Kalama Sutta. My gripe is with secular Buddhists. They use it against the very hand that feeds them. In the future I hope to use the Kalama Sutta against the secular Buddhists who adhere to materialism as an authority: an authority that has never been questioned by these Buddhists.

Wow... You? Quoting the Kalama Sutra!
A passage you have denigrated in the past as 'not pertinent' in reference to secular buddhists (read Stephen Batchelor et al) not holding the basic tenants as sacred (Rebirth, Karma). Any of the mystic, supernatural, metaphysical aspects of buddhism to be more specific. In that frame you said it didn't apply to buddhists who were questioning these doctrines, only to non buddhist questioning buddhism itself.

Now you say be a rebel and use this very sutra to support this...

I am astonished, and will refrain from labeling with names.

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