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September 19, 2012


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It is very simple to find out if there is any intelligence outside of the brain. Just ask a braindead.

I have experienced a similar out-of-body-experience and just see it as a function of my brain. Braindead (or just under the influence of a drug like Dormicum, as in gastroscopy) I would not have felt such an illusion. My mind would be blank.

As I said earlier, the real materialism lies in believing that s.th. depending on material (i.e. the brain) is s.th. nonmaterial. It is the same as taking oral transmission that are thousands of years old literally.

Suppose the brain is, like Darwin feared, a deluded thing produced only for self-preservation. The question is, then, is THIS insight itself produced by the brain, or not? Let's simplify the hypothesis and put it in almost childish terms: "The brain lies." - Now, is this thought, "The brain lies" - produced by the brain or not? If yes, then it can itself a lie: that is to say, even the idea that the brain produces illusions, is itself another illusion, which is a direct contradiction. The only option left is the second one: that there is something the brain can access that is NOT produced by the brain. And what is that? Logos, the mind. It cannot be produced by the brain. I don't mean "common sense" like it's often mistakenly used, but DEDUCTIVE REASONING, "FROM THIS, THAT FOLLOWS". You don't need to be a mystic for this insight, it can be logically proven:

1) "The brain can lie"

2) Is insight (1) itself a product of a brain, or not?

2.a) If yes, contradiction follows.

2.b) If no, then there must be an intelligence that is not produced by the brain.

3) To support claim number (1) there is a vast amount of empirical evidence that support the idea that the brain constantly produces illusions, such as that we are positioned within our body/our head.

4) It is very reasonable, therefore, to assume that there is intelligence that is not produced by the brain.

5) We could call it ex-telligence (meaning "the mind outside of us", as opposed to "in-telligence", the human mind).

QED, bitches.

The experience of being in the biological body is a scam imposed on the mind by a temporary coalition of selfish genes: http://rational-buddhism.blogspot.com/2012/09/evolution-emptiness-and-delusions-of.html

In addition to my previous comment, we should not forget the research by a known sceptic in this area, but whom recently started to admit that there seem to be some form of OBE consciousness -
Sam Parnia, M.D., Ph.D., MRCP;

working in various hospitals in UK and of course in NY US here: http://www.med.cornell.edu/#id=62

and recently figured in this article by the Guardian:


in a speech from 2008 here:


and a short interview here (Coast to Coast):


supported by his colleague the famous Dr. Bruce Greyson giving a speech here:


There are of course many other doctors involved in similar research but then that is a story for another time...

Nice try. Considering your own OBE is not far away, and I guess it will be a hilarious one in terms of shock and loss of (spiritual) orientation in the new strange continuum of the Mind, you will find yourself in let me counter that link with this one from:

Horizon Research Foundation http://www.horizonresearch.org/main_page.php?cat_id=70

(What Is An Out of Body Experience?)

or these;



Now promise me when you go OBE, that you don't float away like a lost and bloated zeppelin airship, but more like a graceful spiritual eagle soaring to good heights of dharma knowledge. If not then you ar most probably headed for a zeppelin like "going down in flames", based on fear, doubt and uncontrollable desires from old memories of the flesh.(grins)

Btw. The link from nature was broken but as I am from Sweden I know the work of Dr. Henrik Ehrsson. He is exceptionally bright, a recluse and as the article states here http://www.nature.com/news/out-of-body-experience-master-of-illusion-1.9569 a good researcher in this new area.

However he does not try to disprove the "soul" or real OBE´s of spirit. He merely presents the empirical proof that the brain can be fooled to simulate something similar in various VR simulacrum-states.

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