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September 16, 2012


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Dave: I suggest you read the academic paper named "buddhist modernism and the rhetoric of meditative experience" (Google it, and thou shalt find a freely available PDF thereof); in short, the role of "experiences", including special mystical, meditative experiences, is grossly exaggerated in Buddhist modernism. How it came to this is a bit complex, and involves the distortions of the Kyoto School, DT Suzuki, and others who presented an idealized picture of Zen to the West. A picture that the West would fall in love with (the same West that was enamoured with altered states of minds, through substances or otherwise, we're all mystical experience junkies).

U said " nirvana is the fullest actualization of the human potential"

Pardon old coot, but the HUMAN (=mara,khandhas,corporeal) has NO potential. Nibbana is "as per the citta", not as per the human (rupa vedana sanna sankara vinnana).

Whut U said werent very smert

Perhaps the *ideals* or *concepts* of nirvana are obstructions, but that isn't the same as the actual experience.

By definition, the experiences/realizations labeled as nirvana, or flowing with/as the Tao, or union with God, and so on are supposed to be the highest human condition. That's kind of the point.

One may think that the people who claimed to have experienced these things are wrong or misleading, but is that what Batchelor believes about nirvana, that the Buddha was simply mistaken?

Stephen Batchelor has never reconciled with the cold realization that compared to the wisdom of the genuine yogis and yoginis devoted to the Buddhadharma, his own adharma mirrors much of his complete spiritual ineptness and past failures to even slightly penetrate into the pure mind stream of his true nature.

He flaps his mouth all over the You-tube, like many other adharma buddhists, might I add, offering various dishes of no spiritual nourishment. His cuisine is more the McDonald like hamburger food type. Smelling and looking good at first sight, but tasting awful after the first bite. Heck, even if they puke outside the restaurant they sure come back next week for more.

In my book he is a big nothing. A mere theatrical buffoon temporarily hyped in the "buddhist" community as a sort of credible reference-source when you want to offer your own version of repackaged dharma to the crowd.

There are far worse monsters out there. More cunning and way more deceptive when it comes to lure the minds and hearts of good souls away for the true dharma.

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