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August 20, 2012


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Using an analogy, if you saw a gold lion there really is no lion. There is only gold.

"Birth and no-birth, emptiness and no-emptiness, self-nature and no-self-nature, —these are not discriminated [by the knowing one]; in Mind-only [no such things] obtain" (Lankavatara Sutra).

All that you see before you does not actually exist apart from Mind-only or cittamatra.

What is the difference between the One Mind and Emptiness, or The Vastness? It seems like you minimize apparent/manifest reality by calling it delusion or a construction. But it is half of the equation: Form is Emptiness; EMPTINESS IS FORM. I like the term "interpermeation" coined by my teacher because it implies we and everything we perceive other than ourselves are all mixed up with each other, all the time, co-creating our reality moment to moment, and, yes, not ultimately "real". It speaks fully to the truth of no-self while still not denying the experience of life in this body, in this "self." What we see is not "delusion" or unreal, it's just not what we think it is. Our perception is deluded. Manifest reality is just that. Karma's not a problem if we quit trying to escape phenomenal existence. We are so much more than we can imagine or conceive, and our bodies and this life are integral and essential to knowing and appreciating that. So what if it's a construction? It's a beautiful dream and it is our task to love it and participate in it (that's a human life, after all), and all of us are pieces of it. We all arise from and return to the vastness. You cannot separate the two.

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